Kaz Household Odor & Gas Reducing Pre-filter (Filter K) – 2 Pack HRF-K2

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Kaz Inc AirGenius Pre-Filter K 2pk
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Honeywell HRF-K2 ("K") replacement air purifier pre-filters are a very helpful complement to the if filter used in Honeywell quiet clean and air genius air purifiers. These optional pre-filters trap larger particles before they reach the if filter in your quiet clean or air genius air purifier. In the process, they deodorize the air that passes through them and capture some harmful gases and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) as well.

A/C Details

  • Captures larger particles such as dust, lint, fibers & pet fur
  • Helps absorb some Common household VOC gases & fumes
  • Deodorizes the air, reducing odors with potassium permanganate calcite
  • Package contains 2 pre-filters that should be replaced every 3 months
  • Fits Honeywell air Purifier models: hfd-120-q, hfd-300 series, hfd-310 and hfd-320

Kaz Inc AirGenius Pre-Filter K 2pk A/C Review

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