Portable Rechargeable Mini Air Conditioning Fan (Blue)

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Portable Rechargeable Mini Air Conditioning Fan (Blue)
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Come with a foldable stand holder, it can be put on the table for use. A must summer partner for any persons. Come with a strap for convenient to carry when going out. The product is internally increased the sponge, sponge moist, increase the humidity, wind blowing out plays a small cooling effect. Refreshing essential oil or perfume in the sponge, blow out refreshing effects. Or put the water in the fridge, put the sponge soaked in ice water, blow out cooler! How to install the sponge 1. Turn off the mini fan, push the back cover from top to down, then open the cover. 2. Take out the sponge and the back cover. 3. For the first time usage, put the sponge in water, soak it for minutes, and wash it with soap lightly. 4. Put the wet sponge in the back fan, and close the back cover from down to up. Note: 1. Because this belongs to " bladeless fan", wind turbines within the machine running, so sound and vibration will be slightly larger. 2. The temperature of the water cooled sponge will be subject to fill it up with no drop of water, avoid damage to water flow into the fuselage. 3. The machine is not waterproof, please avoid direct contact with water. 4. Advice please dry after each use the sponge sponge, so as to avoid breeding ground for bacteria and odor. 5. When not in use, please take out the sponge, and squeeze out excess water and dry it in the air. 6. In order to obtain the best effect, please regular cleaning, before using antibacterial soak in water.

A/C Details

  • Fashion Rechargeable mini Fan, built-in Lithium battery
  • Rechargeable indicator light, charging or in use is red and charging full is green
  • Portable & Mini design, convenient & easy operate in anywhere
  • Stainless steel frame for antiskid, wind direction adjustable
  • There is a protective film covered on the front face of the product, you can remove it and the surface will look more beautiful

Portable Rechargeable Mini Air Conditioning Fan (Blue) A/C Review

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