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Mitsubishi Mr. Slim PLAA42BA4+PUZ42NHA4, 208-230V, 1 PH, 42,000 BTU, R410A, Ceiling Recessed (Cassete), Single Zone, Mini Split, Heating and Cooling System

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PLA-A42BA4/PUZ-A42NHA4 A/C Review

PLA-A42BA4/PUZ-A42NHA4    Cold Rating:
List Price: $7,989.87
Sale Price: $7,989.87
(cold as of 02/05/2017 16:51 UTC - Details)

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PLA-A42BA4/PUZ-A42NHA4 out of 5 based on ratings.
Mitsubishi PLA-A42BA4/PUZ-A42NHA4 $7,989.87