MovinCool Office Pro 36 36,000 BTU volt Portable Air Conditioning Unit 230

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MovinCool OfficePro36 36,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner
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MovinCool OfficePro36 36,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner with LCD DisplaySpecified by 36,000 BTU, the MovinCool OfficePro36 is the perfect solution for cooling all your heat producing equipment and maintaining acceptable temperatures in your server rooms. The unit is simple to program and can be scheduled for operation, which makes it a great choice for all industrial settings.Two Operation Modes:Cool modeFan modeHigh/low speedsSimple Installation Designed for your ease, the OfficePro36 does not require any extensive or complicated installation procedures. Just roll the unit, plug it in and turn it on. It's perfect for spot cooling the area that needs it most. Plug-n-play operation makes this a user-friendly choice. It's great for cooling: servers, telecom equipment, routers, and heat sensitive equipmentCompact Design With its small and compact design, this unit can be fit into any cramped space. Plus, it's portable, and you can move it and relocate it easily. No matter what type of business environment you seek to cool, this unit fits anywhere. Main Features Include:Digital electronic panel and LCD displayFirm alarm control panelAutomatic restartWide range of operating temperaturesAutomatic Restart and ShutoffThe OfficePro36 makes things considerably easy for you. If the temperature sensor fails or there is a cooling problem, the unit shuts off automatically and notifies you with an alarm. Moreover, the unit turns on by itself after a power loss at the previous operational settings.Scheduled Programmer and IndicatorsA programmable timer function allows you to set a day and time when you want the AC to begin or turn off its operation. This feature saves you money and also ensures your work environment maintains a consistent temperature. For even better efficiency, an LED indicator lights up if the condensate tank becomes full and has to be emptied. The same is notified on the LCD display.Simple ControlsWith the digital electronic panel, you can control all opera

A/C Details

  • A special low temperature operation efficiently cools all your heat sensitive equipment
  • As soon as the unit has to be emptied, you are notified with a tank full indicator on the LCD display
  • Simply needs to be rolled in, plugged in and turned on for operation
  • The unit features an automatic operation mode that allows you to use it during the weekends and off hours
  • Powerful cooling capabilities protect all your equipment and help you avoid downtimes and excessive costs due to meltdown

MovinCool OfficePro36 36,000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner A/C Review

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